Jackie Karuti

Mediator: Goethe Instituut, Nairobi; Ato Malinda, performance art, Nairobi.

Adeola Olagunja, onze YAA kandidate uit Nigeria uit 2013 werkte deze zomer met Jackie karuti samen.

Zij schreef:” I had an opportunity to acquire a personal insight into her unique talents and artistic practice during my stay as artists in residence in Kuoana Art Centre in Kenya working together with Jackie.

She is dependable and efficient. Her willingness to take on difficult projects like the Library Project and see them to successful completion has repeatedly impressed me. And her skills do not end with her artwork.”

Jackie Karuti was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She studied Graphic and Multimedia Design at the Mank and Tank school in Nairobi but having moved away from digital media, she now considers herself a self-taught artist.

Jackie works predominantly in the medium of drawing and painting and with her gradual embrace of new media, she has incorporated a conceptual and experimental approach to her work. Her work’s main focus explores themes of gender, identity and urban culture using installation art as well as video and still performances.

Jackie has exhibited and participated in workshops in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. She was an artist in residence at The Bag Factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2014, at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012 and a recipient of the Moving-Africa grant by the Goethe Institute in 2014, through which she got to attend the Dak’Art biennial in Dakar, Senegal.

She has also been nominated twice; 2013 and 2014 for the Künstlerhaus Bethanien international studio program in Berlin. Jackie has collaborated in various photography and film projects and is an avid blogger as well. She lives and works in Nairobi.

You can view more of her work here: