Barbara Minishi

In samenwerking met Arts Africa maakt YAA de reis van Barbara Minishi naar Nederland mogelijk. Zij is voorgesteld door  Ato Malinda, international performance artist in Nairobi, Kenya

“ Barbara is a breath of fresh air in an anti-feminist patriarchal environment. Her works discusses identity without pretension. Her photo series Mwangalio Tofauti touches the masks of creativity that an artist has to wear in the hard urban streets of Nairobi. Working together with another Kenyan artist, Cyrus Kabiro, the collaboration proved successful: her keen eye exposed the masks of identity through Kabiru’s eye glasses designs and her undeniable signature of portraiture.
Possibly more successful was Barbara’s Red Dress Project. It was a Kenyan feminist project bringing together women’s voices in the wake of the general election last year. Moved into action by the earlier post-election violence she brought in her series together leading women from different professions in gorgeous red dresses who had the Kenyan flag on it calling out for solidarity and peace. I can honestly say that the Kenyan art-scene would not be the same with out Barbara, inspiring both men and women in the art-scene alike.”

Barbara Minishi is a photographer and art-director from Nairobi, Kenya. She discovered her passion for the visual arts right after graduation from university with a BA Communication degree. Mostly self- taught through exploration and experimentation she has established herself as a professional specializing in picturing people, products and places. She especially loves location photography and travel enjoying being out of her comfort-zone. Inspired by the other arts and creative visuals, she aspires to develop more projects conceptual photography and performative collages around themes of identity, of self and other. Minishi also trained with the One Fine Day Films Africa project and followed a film production design course in 2010. She has been art director in the feature film, Nairobi Half Life, (that won her a prize at the Africa Magic Movie Awards 2014) and worked with film- directors from Denmark and Germany. She has been featured by Al Jazeera on a series depicting New African Photography and is working on a number of projects. Recently she entered a MFA Creative Practice Program to develop her theoretical knowledge on art theory.